Nyla Bland is the owner of Fresh Design Group, now Nyla Bland Marketing + Branding. Nyla took an interest in coding in her early teens, securing a local masonic lodge as her first client at age 11. It was the elation on this client’s face after seeing the vision her creative hand helped bring to light that motivated young Nyla to pursue coding and web design as a career. Eleven years later, Nyla Bland has employed the gifts which she cultivated serving as an officer in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and DECA, coupled with the skills gained during her postsecondary school career as a Business Finance major at Middle Georgia State University to clear a promising path of entrepreneurship in marketing. 

As a business owner, Ms. Bland is always looking for the edge, the next best idea that will cause her brand to stand out from the rest. Following in the spirit of young Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Nyla formed a nonprofit arm of Fresh Design Group. Generation-Z is a youth entrepreneurial community initiative that gives aspiring coders and creatives a springboard to business ownership. Through Kids Business Bootcamp, Generation-Z has led the charge for youth entrepreneurship throughout the State of Georgia, as Savannah, Macon, Jonesboro and Atlanta have been host cities of this dynamic program. This 2006 Tropicana Speech Award finalist, former school newspaper editor and honor student sees no limits to her success as she takes the less traveled path of free enterprise. What began as an ambitious dream of an 11-year-old girl has blossomed into a lucrative career, as Fresh Design Group boasts a clientele list which includes Budweiser and iHeartMedia. 

Nyla Bland is an Atlanta resident who in her spare time enjoys exotic cuisine, exploring small cottage towns and learning a new skill. She is also a proud mother of daughter Cassidy, 4.